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Swiss Water Process

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Chemical-Free Coffee
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What "chemical-free" means to us: Pure. Natural. Unflavored.

We add no flavoring because there’s nothing to hide.
The roasting process completes the long journey of our coffees from white, organically grown tree blossoms to crunchy, caramelized beans ready for brewing. We highlight natural nuances with skillful roasting. From the rich swirls of a darkly roasted Peruvian coffee to the tart complexity of a light Nicaraguan coffee, our roast master creates profiles to complement native qualities of a particular region or blend. These artisan coffees know they’re special. You can taste it.

We roast SWISS WATER® Process decaf coffee
SWISS WATER® Process is a taste-driven, 100% chemical free decaffeination process that delivers 99.9% caffeine-free coffee while protecting the unique origin characteristics and flavor. The most common decaffeination processes use chemical solvents, like Methylene Chloride or Ethyl Acetate to decaffeinate coffee beans. SWISS WATER® Process uses a diffusion process which allows the gentle displacement of caffeine from green coffee through the use of purified water. For videos and other resources, please visit SWISS WATER® to learn more.


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Co-op America Approved for People and Planet

Swiss Water Process
The National Association for the Specialty Food Trade

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