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Click on one of our specialty, small-batch, artisan roasted coffees to read more about the coffee growers and our Fair Trade Impact.  
single origin coffees

Screaming Monkey Blend Medium Roast
Roast: MEDIUM | Body: MEDIUM | Acidity: MODERATE

We meant to make this our mellow morning blend, but a monkey got loose in our roastery and blended up a winner. Relatively low acid with a wild, bright finish.
  French Roast Blend
Roast: DOUBLE DARK| Body: FULL | Acidity: LOW
For those who like it deep, dark and smoky. This depth of roast calls for intense care, allowing for sugars to caramelize, and for woody smoke to absorb into the bean while maintaining a smooth, full, finish.
  Café Hope
Roast: DARK | Body: MEDIUM | Acidity: MODERATE
High in the jungles of Peru, farming communities cultivate steep mountain terrain to produce a vibrant, golden bean. A purchase of this coffee directly supports the women farmers in Peru.
  Luna Perfetta Italian Roast
Roast: ITALIAN | Body: FULL | Acidity: MODERATE
Round and full-bodied, this deep Italian roast loves to be shared under la luna perfetta, the perfect moon. This is a sophisticated blend, ideal for espresso and excellent as a drip brew.
  Blackbird Decaf Dark Roast
Roast: DARK | Body: MEDIUM | Acidity: LOW
A Swiss Water Processed Decaf, Blackbird is decaf done right. The beans are processed with water, not harmful chemicals. This rich, hearty coffee is also 99.9% caffeine-free.
  Guatemala Fuego Medium Roast
Roast: MEDIUM | Body: MEDIUM | Acidity: MODERATE
Volcanic, organic coffee from the village of Pasac via Cooperativa Nahualá of Guatemala. Rich as brownie batter, the buttery finish of this outstanding brew will fuel your spirit and light your fire.
  Blackbird Espresso Roast
Roast: DARK | Body: FULL | Acidity: MODERATE
Hearty espresso blend with substantial crema. Like its versatile namesake bird, Blackbird has an extensive range, which allows it to nestle comfortably into lattes and cappuccinos or take wing as a full-bodied drip coffee.
  Celebrate Holiday Blend
New 2009 Holiday Blend--Now Available!
Roast: DARK | Body: FULL | Acidity: MODERATE
Our darkly roasted winter brew is a rich, resonant blend. This is a celebratory coffee, well-crafted and full of heart. Perfect for sharing with loved ones in front of a crackling fire during the Holidays.
  Sumatra Canopy Mid-Dark Roast
Roast: MID-DARK | Body: FULL | Acidity: LOW
Organic farmers of the Gayo Highlands protect natural habitat and rainforest canopy with this shade-grown coffee. Magnificently complex, our earthy roast is a toast to Endau Rompin, the ancient Indonesia rainforest.
  BuyWell Blends Coffee Gift Pack
BuyWell Single Origin Sampler Pack   Nicaragua Picaflor Light Roast
Roast: LIGHT | Body: MEDIUM | Acidity: HIGH
Picaflor, the name given to Central American hummingbirds, literally means “flower-beak.” Our Picaflor is a flash of color: a coffee that moves fast across the palate to hover on a clean, creamy finish.

  all our coffees are 100% organic and fair trade certified
all our coffees are 100i% manufacturing carbon offset and chemical free  

Green-e Marketplace Member Fair Trade Federation

Co-op America Approved for People and Planet

Swiss Water Process
The National Association for the Specialty Food Trade


Specialty Coffee Association of America Member
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